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From the same director as DSS. I wasn't sure I liked this film at first, but halfway through something clicked. It's cool to know there was once a time when you could live in NYC on basically no money.

The Dreamlife of Angels, Erick Zonca, 1998

French title: La Vie rêvée des anges. Probably the best film about female friendship I've seen besides "Ghost World".

Movie Poster Fridays May 15, 2009

I'm uploading more than one because it's the first week, but normally if people want to participate it will be ONE poster per week and they'll all be posted on Fridays.

Her pose has always reminded me of a girl looking in the mirror trying to emulate a Lolita figure. poster epitome imo.

this is an early poster. classic!

i remember seeing these teasers (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and getting a vibe, but they really impressed me AFTER I saw the film..and was blown away. My favorite is Jim Carrey's "I'M FINE WITHOUT YOU."

It's pretty intense to not sell an actor for a film, by covering up his or her face.
Intrigue versus excitement!

Gas, Food Lodging, Allison Anders, 1992

I was surprised at the lack of stills there are online from this movie. It's such a great film!

Movie Poster Fridays

Post your favorite movie posters! They will be posted on Fridays.